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Experiment No. 35
Sweet and tropical with a kick, this shrub syrup marries ripe mango with Riesling and white balsamic vinegars, Persian lime, ginger, and jalapeño. Black pepper mezcal bitters are the secret star here, though, bringing a backbone of lightly smoky spice that ties everything together.


Mezcal Mango soda is a start, but margaritas are a must.



Add 1 tbsp to 250 ml of sparkling water. For a full-on flavor trip, experiment with adding to cocktails, sparkling wine, tea, ice cream sundaes, and more. Refrigerate after opening.


Mango Puree, Coconut Sugar, Riesling Vinegar, White Balsamic Vinegar, Minced Ginger, Persian Lime Juice, Jalapeño Juice, Black Pepper Mezcal Bitters (Mezcal, Black Peppercorn).